Job advertisement: Position of Executive Director for ESAM Academy

ESAM Academy is a newly founded nonprofit organization that will offer international training courses in aerospace medicine. The European Society of Aerospace Medicine (ESAM) is the umbrella organization for European national societies in the field of aviation and space medicine.


Position summary

The Executive Director (ED) is the head of the organizations operational work. The ED shall cooperate with the ESAM Academy Board, the Executive Committee and the Advisory Board of ESAM. The main task is to organize and oversee the training courses in accordance with European Union Regulations. This includes the challenge to find adequate venues, perform webinars, identify and recruit key speakers in the aviation medicine field and to ensure the accreditation of the courses. The Executive Director shall evaluate the course presentations, support the speakers, coordinate and research continuing educational opportunities.

Additionally it will be the responsibility of the ED to prepare a budget covering estimated annual expenses and allocate resources. The Executive Committee will appoint the ED for a two year period. The workload will be irregular and increased during the training courses.

Required qualification

Licensed as an EASA Aeromedical Examiner (AME) Class 1

Experience in organizing international meetings

Leadership experience in national and International society positions

Demonstrated good relationship to national Civil Aviation Authorities, EASA and International Aviation Medicine Organizations (e.g. AsMA, International Academy of Aerospace Medicine)

Interpersonal and collaboration skills

Excellent presentation skills

Readiness for international travel throughout Europe

Preferred qualification:

Experience in lecturing in European training courses

This position must be filled quickly, so please forward qualified CVs until 25th of September 2020 to:
European Society of Aerospace Medicine 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.