Letter from the President of Organization Committee of ICAM Paris

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had and continues to have dramatic consequences throughout the world. As countries struggle to contain the spread of the coronavirus, many national and international scientific, economic, cultural, and sporting events have had to be cancelled or delayed. Accordingly, it is with deep regret that we inform you that the Organization Committee has taken the difficult, but necessary, decision to postpone the First International Conference of Aerospace Medicine, which was to be held in Paris from 24-26 September 2020, to 23-25 September 2021.

We strongly feel that all our Members should be able to attend the Conference whatever their country of origin. Even though it may be hoped that in many parts of the world the situation will have returned to normal by September of this year, it is very likely that others will still be affected. At this time in point, it is impossible to predict in which countries and for how long travel bans will continue to be enforced, borders closed, and quarantines imposed on international travelers.

We must also take into account the economic situation of our Members, which in many cases may be affected to a significant extent. Probably few of us in September will have the time, money, or wish to travel and leave both our families, from which many of us will have been separated, as well as our professional duties, which will be starting to resume more fully.

We very much hope that you will join us in September 2021. We are fully aware that changing the date of the Conference is a great inconvenience for you, and we are sincerely sorry, but we feel certain that you will understand our wish to avoid any further uncertainty for you by delaying the decision to maintain or not ICAM as originally scheduled.

We have already been able to confirm that the 2021 venue will be the same, ie, the Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie ("City of Science and Industry").

We are now already busy planning for ICAM 2021. The Scientific Committee is discussing the best way to deal with the abstracts that have already been submitted.

On behalf of the ICAM Organization Committee members, I would like to express my deepest concern and support to all of you, your families and your friends, as well as my most heartfelt condolences for those of you who may have lost loved ones. In these most difficult of times, please keep safe and well!

Vincent Feuillie, MD
President of the Organization Committee - ICAM 2020

Important Notice - Webinar of 15 October 2020

To apply for a Certificate of Attendance for the ESAM Academy’s online webinar which was held 15 October 2020, participants were asked to answer a question and submit their answer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Although e-mails of 150 participants have been received in good order, we are aware that unfortunately many other e-mails may have been bounced by the system.

We would like to apologise for this inconvenience and offer everyone wishing to apply for a Certificate of Attendance to complete the below form.

When we have received your completed form, we will send you a Certificate of Attendance which you can submit to the medical assessor of your national aviation authority, who will accredit the hours/points.

Question for those who apply for AME Credit Points:
Is an exercise test with maximal oxygen uptake useful to assess aircrew after their recovery from a moderate or severe infection of Covid-19?
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