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Declan Maher, M.D.

Secretary General


  • 1989, One year working in spinal trauma, medi-vac missions within the state. Post graduate specialist training 1984 – 1992. Commenced Primary Care in 1992. 2000 AME and GP in Dublin. Branch AME clinic at Abbeyshrule Airport in Longford. Along with Class A aircraft pilots, I have been active in the certification process of aviators including microlight, balloon, parachute tandem masters and para-gliders.
  • 2006, Established the Irish Society of Aviation Medicine (ISAM). Founding treasurer. I have represented Ireland at ESAM since 2006.
  • 2007, Elected founding Secretary of the Advisory Board Committee of ESAM, returned 2009, then appointed by the Executive Committee 2011. I have been active in publishing position papers and reports for the Advisory Board. I have presented at ECAM, AsMA and most recently at the KKAMC 32 meeting in Kiev on behalf of ESAM. Active member of AsMA and attended the 81st and 83rd conference. I have been involved in the development of ECAM 1 and 2, through my position on the Advisory Board of ESAM. 2011, I appointed to the IAASM.
  • 2010, I made an unsuccessful application for a second Aeromedical Centre in Ireland. Chairman Civil Aviation Medical Review Board the Irish Aviation Authority.