Declan Maher: Presidential Mission Statement

I have been nominated as President-elect by my Society in order to continue the plan of my office. I had hoped to develop deeper relationships between the Executive Committee and the Member Associations of ESAM and external relationships with other Associations in my tenure as President.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 Pandemic has had massive impacts on all our lives in so many domains. As a family that always meet away, never at home, we have been restricted in our contacts and communications over the past 19 months.

We had planned a major venture with AsMA, IAASM and SOFAMAS for last September. Reality replaced it by a Zoom call. We will continue to work towards ICAM 2022.

We are seeing the sparks of re-ignition and movements to a new future. I believe that we need to be flexible and ready to adapt to the changes that will be required by the new normal. In that world we will need to re-establish relationships and contacts. If we learned nothing from the Pandemic, we learned that it is a very small world and that all regions are affected.

I have worked in various areas of aviation medicine over a long time and I hope that I can bring my experience and flexibility to help ESAM develop and grow from these very dark days. I see it as an opportunity to rebuild the relationships and interactions with the Member Associations of ESAM in the ethos of promoting flight safety for all.

I also hope to reach out to the representative Associations elsewhere in the world to develop relationships and co-operation in an attempt to enrich our experience of aerospace medicine to our mutual benefit.


Declan Maher
President ESAM.

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