EASA to deepen partnership with European Universities and academia

EASA has been working on setting up a PhD scheme to develop partnerships with European Universities and academia, to share and disseminate knowledge in innovative, emerging fields relevant to aviation.

A Press Release was released on the EASA website to announce a call for abstracts from PhD students for the following domains:

• Artificial intelligence (AI) in aviation
1. Development of applications integrated into civil aviation products along EASA AI roadmap, including validation and verification solutions

• Impact of climate change and extreme weather phenomena on the air transport system
1. Methodologies and tools for assessing the impact of changes to weather phenomena on civil air transport system components and operations

• Environmental sustainability of air transport (emissions, noise, air quality, other nuisance, ...)
1. Methodologies and tools to assess the impact of aviation products and operations and the proposed mitigations

• New approaches and methods for safety risk management in aviation
1. New methods, tools to support safety analysis, risk identification and management, safety culture

The submitted abstracts will be evaluated and a limited number of students will be successful and get the opportunity to present their projects at EASA premises on 23-24 March 2023, before a live audience of aviation experts and scientists from academia, industry and NAAs.

The European Academia@EASA conference is thought as a first step to launch regular technical exchanges of PhD students with key Universities and academia, as well as with EASA aviation experts and many other experts from the aviation world.

Deadline for submission of abstracts by PhD students is 30 September 2022 (mentioned in the Call for Abstracts-webpage) and the call for abstracts has also been disseminated by EASA via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter