Notre Dame - letter to SOFRAMAS

Dear Brigitte, dear Vincent,

As President of ESAM I would like to express my deep sympathy for the tragic fire and damage to the Notre Dame recently. The fire struck at a symbol of faith, culture and beauty, not only for Europeans, but for the whole world. Of course the loss is greatest for all Parisians.

You and all our friends in SOFRAMAS are at the heart of ESAM, and I think I speak for all ESAM members when I say that we are all united in support for you all in our thoughts. Luckily, no lives were lost, and the Notre Dame will no doubt be be rebuilt to former glory.

This will take a long time of course, but not compared to the many centuries this beautiful church has existed, and will continue to exist at the core of Paris and Europe.

Warm regards,

Anthony S. Wagstaff
President, European Society of Aerospace Medicine