The meeting of the Executive Committee and Advisory board (EC/AB) in Rome on the 25th and 26th of January 2019

This was a lively and fruitful meeting, with discussions mainly centred at improving the communication with our member associations/societies and associates, and with the wider public. We established a working group with the task to develop a communication strategy, to find ways for ESAM to be more visible not only through its website but also by using popular social media channels.

ESAM needs to involve and inspire more experts willing to embrace its activities. The membership application process should also be reviewed in order to enthuse more organisations active in aviation and space medicine to join us. The possibility to accept individual membership registration in the future was also on the table.

The prospect of establishing an “ESAM Academy” or some form of training unit within our society was discussed in length and is slowly taking shape. The experience and success of the AME refresher course in Prague last September was inspiring.

Finally, ESAM is pleased to inform that the Advisory Board is working on a project to introduce a “Circle of Experts”. The aim is to create a scientific community of stakeholders and experts in aviation and space medicine to share information. In this sense ESAM could provide a platform also for networking, disseminate and publish scientific papers.

Oslo,  31.01.2019
Anthony S Wagstaff
President, ESAM