The1st International Conference of Aerospace Medicine (ICAM)

Dear constituent organisations of ESAM,

The 1st International Conference of Aerospace Medicine (ICAM) is planned for Paris on September 24-26 September 2020 and preparations are going very well. We hope to see you there!

We are hoping, and believe, that teaming up in order to make the best possible conference in Aerospace Medicine will turn out to be a great success, scientifically and socially. Aviation is global by nature, and our collaboration is going very well. Therefore, The European Society of Aerospace Medicine (ESAM) and the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine (IAASM), together with The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) are in the early stages of planning a 2nd (ICAM) in Europe in 2022.

We have already had 2 countries with proposals for venues in 2022.

We would at this time like to invite any member societies who are interested in hosting the meeting to put forward their proposal for a joint conference in 2022.

The proposals should be sent to us before the end of April 2020 – and be prepared to present the proposals at a joint committee meeting at the AsMA conference in Atlanta, Thursday 21st of May in the afternoon. The decision on venue will be made shortly thereafter.

Those planning a proposal should inform us about this before the end of March 2020, so that we can plan the meeting in Atlanta.

For your guidance, the important factors that we will consider when reviewing any proposal are likely to be:

·    Experience of hosting a scientific conference of 500-800 delegates.
·    Ability to offer financial support for the conference, either directly or via sponsorship.
·    Ability to provide an adequate number of local organisers.
·    Location should be accessible by air at low cost, and/or by road and rail.
·    Suitable, affordable conference venue.
·    A range of local, (within a 10 minute walk) and affordable hotel accommodation.
·    Venue for gala dinner nearby, or accessed by arranged transport.

The financial model for the conference will be at shared cost/shared risk between the local organisers and our 3 international organisations, i.e. 25% each. Please contact any of us with any questions you may have, as we will be pleased to assist you in your planning.

Our very best wishes to all aerospace medicine colleagues around Europe.

December 12th, 2019

Letter of invitation ICAM2022.pdf