Urgent registration needed for military clearance independent of payment

Dear ESAM Members,
We would like to inform you that the 65th International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine, Rome, 10-14 September 2017 is now open for registration on the website http://www.icasm2017.it/home.asp.

As additional incentives I would like to mention some very interesting scientific sessions among which there will be one in French (with English translation available) and also an ESAM session which is scheduled for Tuesday 12 of September as well as the traditional Allard lecture.

A number of prizes will be awarded for the most interesting papers among which we would like to mention the VII edition of the scientific prize “I Guidoniani” which is awarded by the Italian Association of Aerospace Medicine and the National Association of Assistants and Controllers of Air Navigation for the scientific activity of young scientists below 35 years of age, with a degree in medicine, biology, psychology and engineering.

This year the prize will be split and will be awarded to the best original paper in the field of medicine, psychology and engineering, about men and atmospheric/spatial flight and to the best original paper in the field of medicine, psychology and engineering about men and air traffic control.

As practical part of the programme there are 3 technical tours at your choice which is scheduled to take place on the 13th of September.

From the social part of the programme I would like to draw your attention to the ‘Opening of 1930s Futurist Skies, Italian Aeropainting Exhibition’ which is a unique opportunity to admire works of art inspired by aviation.

The organizers informed us that a military clearance will be required in order to participate in the social events. The clearance procedure is expected to take one month or even longer, thus it is crucial to provide personal details required for registration as soon as possible.