Dear ESAM constituent organisations and fellow colleagues of Aerospace medicine in Europe,

As we are near the end of 2017, it is my pleasure to wish you all a Peaceful and enjoyable Christmas time. 2017 has been a year of learning from the success from the Oslo Conference in 2016 and planning for the congress in Prague In 2018. The theme of the Prague Congress will be “trust and care in Aviation Safety” - a theme that is both fitting and timely, as It points toward the role of our profession in supporting those who fly so that they may fly safe and fly well. In these times our role is under discussion, and it is imperative that we are in the center of bringing ideas forward in order to influence developments to the best for flight safety and the professional values we represent.

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The current President of ESAM, Dr. Anthony S. Wagstaff, member of the Norwegian Association of Aviation Medicine, was elected as President-Elect. He accepted the new mandate and will continue to serve as President until 2020.

ESAM and EASA worked together to develop a guidance material for AME in order to explain the working relations of an AME involved in performing aero-medical assessments in the European aero-medical environment. The leaflet is expected to have as a result a more efficient working environment for AMEs in relation to the applicants on one hand and the competent authorities on the other hand. Additionally, we aim to support the implementation of a trust relationship and just culture in the AMEs working relations.

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Dear members of ESAM, Please find attached an invitation to the ESAM GA, December 16th, Dublin, Ireland. As the formal election of President-Elect will be performed online in accordance with the statutes, there is no need to attend the GA in order to cast a vote.

Please inform us if you will be attending the GA, to make sure we have space at the venue. Travel information from Dublin Airport is on page 2 of the agenda.

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Dear ESAM Members,
The nomination period for the president elect has ended on 1st of November. The Nomination Committee has received only one nomination for this position. The nominated candidate is Dr. Anthony S. Wagstaff. He accepted the nomination and agreed to candidate for the position of President Elect.
You may find Dr. Wagstaff's CV and list of publications below.

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A joint meeting of the European Society of Aerospace Medicine, Aerospace Medical Association, the Czech Aeronautical Institute and the Czech Association of Aviation Medicine Prague, The Czech Republic 20 to 23 September 2018.

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The combined AMSNZ and ASAM conference will be held between 31 August and 3 September 2017 at Crowne Plaza Queenstown in Queenstown, New Zealand. The conference theme is “Horizon Scanning - Improving Aeromedical Risk Management".

Dr. Anthony Wagstaff, the President of ESAM, is a guest speaker (Patterson Trust Speaker) at this conference.

For more details please consult the conference web-site at:

Or the website of tThe Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine at:

Dear ESAM Members,
We would like to inform you that the 65th International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine, Rome, 10-14 September 2017 is now open for registration on the website

As additional incentives I would like to mention some very interesting scientific sessions among which there will be one in French (with English translation available) and also an ESAM session which is scheduled for Tuesday 12 of September as well as the traditional Allard lecture.

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Any medication can cause side effects, some of which may impair the flying performance of pilots.

Equally, symptoms of colds, sore throats, abdominal upsets, or painful ailments may distract pilots and degrade their performance whilst on duty. The symptoms may be compounded by the side effects of the medication prescribed or bought over the counter and this combination may be degrading a pilot’s performance and lead to incapacitation.

All lists of aeromedical ‘approved’ drugs will be inevitably incomplete and out of date at the day they are published. Therefore, this leaflet describes some basic principles that may enable pilots and their treating doctors to assist each other in preventing the use of medication that may degrade flying performance and impact flight safety.

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Dear ESAM Members,

We would like to inform you that the 65th International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine, Rome, 10-14 September 2017 is now open for registration on the website

We would like to point out that this year the Italian Association of Aerospace Medicine and the National Association of Assistants and Controllers of Air Navigation announce the VII edition of the scientific prize “I Guido­niani”.

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European Pilot Peer Support Initiative – EPPSI invites you to discuss Peer Support Programmes
02 Feb. 2017, 10:00-16:30
Frankfurt Airport: MAC - Main Airport Center (Unterschweinstiege 10, 60549 Frankfurt)
(6th floor @ VC. Free transport: Steigenberger shuttle bus from Airport Terminal 1 & 2 / ICE Train Station to MAC – 5 min. ride)

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Ries Simons, MD – 10 January 2017

Recently, the results of a study by Wu et al. (2016) have been prominently published in the media (e.g. Independent, 2016; Telegraph, 2016). The study found that about 200 of the approximately 1,800 pilots who completed an anonymous online survey in 2015 had depressive symptoms. Seventy-five of them reported having (had) thoughts associated with some form of suicidal ideation.

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