A summary of Fly safe Fly well has been posted onto the website by our webmaster because I was having technical difficulties with my blog. These are now resolved.

The EC finalised our thoughts and plans for the project at our meeting in Malta in February. We are grateful to Dr Alfred Bonnici for his assistance in arranging the meeting, and to him, and his wife Elda, for their generous hospitality during our stay.
The project will shape the content of ECAM 2014, in Bucharest, and we look forward to meeting both old and new friends at the congress.

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Christmas has come and gone and I hope you have had an enjoyable and peaceful break, with a chance to relax and meet up with family and friends.
As we approach the New Year I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous year, and hope to meet as many of you as possible at the European Conference of Aerospace Medicine, ECAM4, in Bucharest, from 5th to 7th September.

I am back at home after a successful EC meeting and the General Assembly in Friedrichshafen, but just for a couple of weeks before departing to Jerusalem for ICASM. Many thanks to our German, Swiss and Austrian hosts for making us so welcome at the Drei-Laender Tagung conference. We covered a lot of work in the EC meeting on Saturday morning, in particular discussing the project to look at aeromedical risk assessment of mental health and psycho-social factors, with an emphasis on a preventive and a partnership approach. This very exciting work is likely to be at the top of our agenda for the next few years. Read more

We work together across Europe to promote the health, performance and safety of people who fly, through the use of evidence, science and consensus.

The EC met recently in Paris, and the words above are the outcome of our strategy session in Furstenfeldbruck in February, and further debate in Paris. It is important that we have a concise description of what ESAM does, and after much ‘wordsmithing’, we agreed on the statement. We hope that you approve.

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Sorry for the period of ‘radio silence’ recently. I have been very busy with my daughter’s wedding in Scotland (photos of me wearing a kilt are available for those with a strong constitution !). Plus I organised the meeting of the Association of Aviation Medical Examiners at King’s College in April, which certainly kept me busy. Between these I spoke at the AMABEL meeting in Brussels on an AME’s experience of the new EASA regulations, which seemed to be well received.

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It's been quiet on this blog for a while so it is time for an update. The EC, together with ex-EC members, and some who have been involved since the birth of ESAM, met for the weekend of the 9th and 10th of February at the Furstenfeldbruck base of the German airforce, near Munich. The meeting was very well attended, representing both old and new in ESAM's development.

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A quick reflection on the ECAM in London, as the dust has now settled! Most delegates seem to have enjoyed the weekend. We had 240 delegates on day one, and 190 on day 2, so the largest ECAM so far. The whole event was a lot of hard work and I am grateful to the organising committee from AAME and ESAM for all their support. Thanks also to the selection committee for the abstracts, to 3D Performance our conference organisers, and to the Simulator team from BA.

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I have just returned from attending the congress of the Slovenian Society of Aerospace Medicine in Ljubljana, held at the Josef-Stefan Institute.

The meeting was organised by Tomaz Kozelj, President of the Society. I gave two presentations. The first about the history and future direction of ESAM. The second, an AMEs view of the implementation of the new EASA rules in the United Kingdom, and their implications for the future.This provoked a lively debate amongst the delegates.

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I vividly recall my first meeting with Roland, at Eurocontrol, at a time when my Association was, how shall I put this, rather ambivalent about joining the club. Appearances can be deceptive, and I soon came to recognise a consummate diplomat, who is passionate and energetic about promoting European Aerospace Harmony.

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Time to write what is likely to be my last blog as Vice President, but don’t worry I plan to continue blogging as President. I say time because that has been rather limited recently, as I have just returned from three weeks in Australia following attending the ICASM in Melbourne, followed very shortly after by a weekend in Dublin attending the last meeting of the current Executive Committee.

The conference was excellent, well organised with good scientific sessions and matched by truly memorable social events. The dinners in the Australian Club and at the Melbourne cricket ground were true ‘fine dining’ and being mistaken for James Bond at the former was the ‘icing on the cake’. Is this not every man’s fantasy?

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We have received several requests to submit papers for presentation at the 3rd European Conference of Aerospace Medicine, after the deadline of 31st August.
We are aware that the date fell during the vacation period for many authors. To be fair to all, we have decided to extend the deadline until the end of September. ESAM is pleased to be able to offer financial support with expenses in attending the meeting, to succesful authors, of a maximum of 300 euros.
We look forward to receiving your paper, and seeing you at the meeting.


The new EC (except the President) will be elected this year, by electronic voting, and announced at the General Assembly on 11th November. The present EC thought it would be a good idea to outline the roles of the different officers of the EC, for potential candidates, along with some competencies (not all of which are serious!!) Vice-Presidents. Provide support to the President and deputise on official duties when the President not available. May take on specific tasks or responsibilities as decided by the EC. Sombre clothing choice to avoid clash with President essential. Read more

I have just returned from the EC meeting in Budapest. Whatever the guide books say about the origins of the city’s name (Buda and Pest etc.) I believe the true origin must be ‘Hot Oven’ as the temperature was in the 40s during our stay! I decided this was outside my functional temperature zone, as I wilted during supper on Saturday night. It was a relief to return to 17 degrees in Luton airport.
If only it would stop raining………………….I am seriously thinking I should build an ark. Read more

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