Paris in the Spring. England in the Rain

We work together across Europe to promote the health, performance and safety of people who fly, through the use of evidence, science and consensus.

The EC met recently in Paris, and the words above are the outcome of our strategy session in Furstenfeldbruck in February, and further debate in Paris. It is important that we have a concise description of what ESAM does, and after much ‘wordsmithing’, we agreed on the statement. We hope that you approve.


The meeting ran like clockwork, thanks to the hard work of our hosts Vincent Feuillie and Jean-Francois Paris, and as well as the hard work, we were able to get a taste of the delights of this beautiful city. We are grateful to Air France for the use of their facilities at Aerogare des Invalides. The ESAM General Assembly will take place on Sunday morning 15th September following the ‘ Three Countries’ congress in Friedrichshafen, and will start with two presentations on aspects of risk assessment in aerospace medicine. The business part of the General Assembly will follow, and I hope that as many of our member organisations as possible will send a representative. We are very pleased that the majority have paid their subscriptions for 2013/14 and hope that the few remaining will do so as soon as possible.

Could I remind you that if your organisation is having a problem with the payment, please contact Carla Ledderhos or myself, so that we can resolve the problem. Communication. A recent audit by our Secretary General Declan Maher of responses to e-mails to our members was a bit disappointing to say the least. Part of the problem is out of date contact details, and we are exploring a simple way of allowing updates to be done via the website. We are also looking at the possibility of allowing individual members to register via the website to receive an automatic notification of new items on the site. Your designated contact should receive at least four e-mails from us a year.

If you are not receiving these then please check we have accurate contact details, preferably will a cell-phone number as back up so that we can send txt messages. Finally. We were very fortunate to have two high quality and attractive offers to host the ECAM in 2014, from Hungary and Romania, which were considered at the meeting. We chose the bid from Bucharest, Romania. Cristian Panait will be our local representative, and we should be in a position to provide more details in September. We are aiming to provide a fresh new format for the conference to allow delegates the maximum opportunity to participate and contribute to the proceedings. So, as I sit here writing my blog, it is pouring with rain outside, and the temperature barely 13degC.

Oh the joys of an English summer!