ESAM’s Scientific Advisory Board Committee (ABC) was founded in 2007 and is tasked to provide scientific advice on aerospace medical questions to the Executive Committee. It is an independent body within ESAM. During 2022 the ABC consisted of Ries Simons (Chair), Claudia Stern, Olivier Manen, René Maire, Olga Verba, Roland Vermeiren, Jochen Hinkelbein, and Felix Strollo. During 2022 the board took leave of Trond-Eirik Strand, as chair and Martin Hudson as secretary. The ABC thanks both for their collegial dedication and merits for the Advisory Board.

In 2022 several members of the ABC have been engaged in ESAM Academy activities (ESAM Academy Advanced AME Course, guest lectures in  Basic and Advanced AME courses), while Olivier Manen has been busy as chair of the Scientific Committee organising the ICAM 2022. Several ABC members have been active at the ICAM 2022 as session chairs and presenters, while panel sessions on Reduced Crew Operations and on Peer Support Programmes were organised.

The Circle of Experts groups embedded in the Advisory Board and led by ABC members have been actively dealing with scientific questions in Ophthalmology, Space Medicine, Cardiology, Mental Health, Human Factors, and Training. Several ABC members are actively involved in EU-funded projects aimed at providing recommendations to EASA concerning Mental Health, Cardiology, and Diabetes Mellitus. In collaboration with ESAM’s Executive Committee, ABC members have been and are actively engaged in discussions with stakeholders about the aeromedical considerations of reduced crew operations.

In the coming year, the ABC will further promote the expertise potential of the Circle of Experts groups to assist National Authorities and EASA in their scientific issues. Where relevant, collaboration with working groups of ICAO, the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA), and the International Academy of Aerospace medicine (IAASM) will be sought.  

Ries Simons,
Chair Advisory Board Committee