The European Society of Aerospace Medicine was founded in 2006 as an umbrella organisation in the field of Aerospace Medicine. As a pan-European, independent forum, it works to promote the safety and health of all persons involved in aviation and space operations , and to coordinate European aerospace medical interests across all national and organisational boundaries.

We aim to assist the various responsible bodies in the development and harmonisation of educational activities in aerospace medicine throughout Europe, and to develop continuous information flows and dialogue between the National Aeromedical Associations, and encourage the exchange of scientific results and experience. We strive to reach a consensus which can then contribute to the scientific evidence base which should be the foundation of aeromedical decision making.


This was a lively and fruitful meeting, with discussions mainly centred at improving the communication with our member associations/societies and a...
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As the snow is falling in front of my house in Oslo and the fog has obliterated the normal view of Holmenkollen - the venue of ECAM 5 in Oslo, I embar...
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Fly safe Fly well

A summary of Fly safe Fly well has been posted onto the website by our webmaster because I was having technical difficulties with my blog. These ar...
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No, ESAM is a non-profit organization and is focused on science and flight safety. Although a large proportion of the members are medical practitioners, particularly AME, the membership includes many different professions involved in Aerospace medicine.
Yes, ESAM is an umbrella organization for European Aerospace Medical organisations, many of which have many military members.
ESAM is not able to assist with individual enquiries regarding certification. You should consult with an AME, or the medical assessor in your national authority medical section.
No, ESAM is a Regional European umbrella Association which brings together Aerospace medicine in Europe. We actively seek cooperation with other Associations of Aerospace medicine which share our objectives around the world. ESAM is an Affiliated member of Aerospace medical Association, and AsMa is among our associate members




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We work together across Europe to promote the health, performance and safety of people who fly through the use of evidence science and consensus.

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