Declan Maher: Acceptance to the Nominations Committee / Presidential Mission Statement

Dear Chair Nomination Committee,

I thank you for notification that I have been nominated as President Elect subject to the vote by the Member Associations to be announced in Debrechen, Hungary on the 8th September 2019.

I accept the nomination with humility and fervour.

Yours Sincerely,
Declan Maher
Co-Opted Member ESAM EC

Presidential Mission Statement

I plan to:

• Enhance the development of ESAM as a relevant representative organisation for professionals in aerospace medicine and health.
• Support change where it is needed and to encourage growth of this adolescent society, employing the skills of people who can contribute.
• Develop the resource of an “Elders Panel” availing of the wisdom and experience of those that have brought ESAM to where it is now to assist in its growth.
• Support new AMEs and students in Aerospace Medicine.
• Continue the work carried out by those who have walked this path before me, building ESAM to what it is today.
• Expand the links to other organisations that share the common ground of Aerospace Medicine.
• Work to improve the communication within ESAM.

Declan Maher

Files: Declan Maher CV.pdf